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FFS Physician Work Disruption Policy For Pandemic Event


President's Letter:



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April 15 MCP Newsletter - Work Disruption Policy:
 Application Form:

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*UPDATED -  April 16, 2020* -  Q&A - Work Disruption Policy for Pandemic Event 

Includes new information about application form submission. 


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FFS Physician Work Disruption Policy For Pandemic Event 
NLMA Executive Director Robert Thompson provides an overview of the Work Disruption Policy for FFS members.






MCP Updates


April 2 - MCP Audit Newsletter: TADs During COVID-19




Virtual Care Billing


May 1MCP Newsletter: REVISED Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment

April 2 Q&A Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment (PVAC) Code - UPDATED


March 25MCP Newsletter: Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment


March 27 - WorkplaceNL accepts Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment fee code