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Dr. James Rourke honored by CFPC

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Dr. James Rourke

Dr. James Rourke, Dean of Medicine at Memorial University, has received one of the highest honors given by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

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2007 W. Victor Johnson Oration

Dr. James Rourke, Dean of Medicine at Memorial University, has received one of the highest honors given by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). On Oct. 27, he was in Winnipeg to give the 2007 W. Victor Johnson Oration. This award honors the memory of the late Dr. W. Victor Johnston, the CFPC’s first executive director (1954-64). The recipient is recognized for leadership in family medicine in Canada or internationally.

In notifying Dr. Rourke of this award, Dr. Calvin Gutkin, executive director and CEO of the CFPC, noted that the Victor Johnston Award is presented annually to someone whose vision, contributions and leadership in the discipline and practice of family medicine have been and are exemplary.

“Memorial University is proud of the honor received by our Dean of Medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada,” said Dr. Eddy Campbell, vice-president (academic) of the university. “Dr. Rourke has proven himself an outstanding leader in family and rural medicine, and has worked tirelessly since his appointment as dean of medicine at Memorial in April 2004 to raise awareness of our Faculty of Medicine’s success in educating doctors with exemplary skills for family and rural medicine.”


Family physician of the year

Dr. Patrick O’Shea has been named Family Physician of the Year for Newfoundland and Labrador by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He received the award in October during the Annual Family Medicine Forum in Winnipeg, along with nine other recipients from across the country.

Canada’s Family Physicians of the Year are nominated for providing exceptional care to their patients, making meaningful contributions to the health and well-being of their communities, and dedicating themselves as researchers and educators of future generations of family doctors.

Dr. O’Shea is co-founder of the Newfoundland Drive Family Practice clinic, which was established in 1986 and serves more than 14,000 patients in the St. John’s area. He was recognized for pairing office care with his expertise in minor surgical procedures as well as obstetrical care – having delivered more than 1,800 babies – and palliative care. Dr. O’Shea is one of the few family physicians in the province still making house calls. Each week he performs about 20 to 25 house calls and he is a staff member at two nursing homes.

The innovative clinic has also been recognized for its work with chronic disease management and collaborative care with a pharmacist as well as the Practice Management/ Electronic Medial Record Urban Pilot Project. Dr. O’Shea was also acknowledged for his work with his practice’s preceptorship program, which has been providing practical experience for medical students since 1991.

Internal medicine award

The Canadian Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM) honored Dr. David Ingram with a CSIM Osler Award during the Society’s annual meeting in St. John’s in October. The award is presented annually to individuals demonstrating excellence in achievement in the field of general internal medicine, either in clinical practice, research, medical education, specialty development or health promotion.

Dr. Ingram came to the province from Ireland in 1951 when he was 25 years old. He is described by his colleagues as a living icon for his contribution to health care and medical education in Newfoundland and Labrador. He is recognized as playing a key role in the evolution of health services in the province with almost 60 years of clinical practice as well as service with the medical consultant’s office for the Department of Health. Dr. Ingram retired when he was 65; and at 81 he is still teaching and practicing in internal medicine at St. Claire’s Mercy Hospital in St. John’s.

J.D. Eaton Award

Dr. Wayne Gulliver was honored with the J.D. Eaton Award at the 26th Annual Memorial University Alumni Tribute Awards in October. He received the award for his exceptional leadership and outstanding service to his patients, his practice, his colleagues, and the university.

At the awards ceremony, Dr. Gulliver was recognized for supporting physicians and researchers as well as new entrants to the medical field. In 1978, during his undergraduate degree at Memorial, Dr. Gulliver served as the chairman of the organizing committee for the Atlantic Provinces Chemical Institute of Canada Student Conferences. Despite a busy schedule with his medical practice and research clinic, Dr. Gulliver continues to support the university and volunteers as chairman of the dermatology division within Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine.

He was also recognized for his tireless support and unflinching desire to see Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine flourish. Dr. Gulliver was instrumental in establishing a $25,000 award that is presented each year to a new faculty member in honour of Dr. Wallace Ingram’s contribution to medical education in the province. In addition, he has served as president of the Medical Graduates’ Society and has held five annual class reunions, during which time he was a strong proponent for encouraging each class to fundraise in support of their faculty. He also initiated the Thousand Thousands Challenge, encouraging medical graduates to donate $1,000 annually to raise $1 million for the Faculty of Medicine.



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