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iEHR Labs project under way

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Earlier this year, the NL Centre for Health Information launched the iEHR Labs project, which is the remaining foundational component of the provincial electronic health record.

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Earlier this year, the NL Centre for Health Information (NLCHI) launched the iEHR Labs project, which is the remaining foundational component of the provincial electronic health record (EHR). This project will result in a system that provides access to key clinical information to authorized users across the health care system.

The project has three elements: an EHR viewer, a shared health record, and a jurisdictional lab information system (JLIS). The EHR viewer is a web-based interface that provides access into the provincial EHR to view clinical information. The JLIS and shared health record are information repositories, with the JLIS containing lab results and the shared health record containing select clinical reports all important information for clinicians, creating a more comprehensive profile for the patient.

The lab results and clinical reports are limited (at this time) to those completed within the province’s tertiary care site, the Health Sciences Centre at Eastern Health. As the tertiary care site for the province, many provincial procedures and specialist visits are conducted and 60 per cent of the province’s lab results are captured at the Health Sciences Centre, making it an important initial site for the iEHR Labs project. These tertiary care reports from the Health Sciences Centre can be available to clinicians regardless of their location within the province once connected to the EHR viewer. With the help of the EHR viewer, over time, authorized users and delegates will have access to more comprehensive clinical reports including, patient medication profiles, lab results, diagnostic imaging, and other relevant health information. The future vision of the province is to build on the EHR foundation by including information from remaining facilities within Eastern Health and the remaining regional health authorities. This, however, is outside the scope of the current iEHR Labs project and will require additional support.

The iEHR Labs project will be delivered in two phases. The first will provide access to community medication profiles dispensed throughout the health care system, expected to begin to be deployed to select locations in 2013. The second phase will enable access to lab results and select clinical information captured at the provincial tertiary care facility, expected to be deployed in 2014.

When fully realized, this project will support provision of an unprecedented level of timely access to provincial clinical information in the EHR, supporting the delivery of safe, efficient patient care.



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