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The Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA) invites you to use Expensify to claim your NLMA-related expenses, including those for the Family Practice Renewal Program (FPRP). The free service will help you automate and manage the expense claim process through the Expensify mobile app and website, and reduce processing and reimbursement time.

Expenses are entered by taking a photo of a receipt with the app on your device, or forwarding a receipt (e.g., an airline itinerary) to from the e-mail account you used to sign up. Expensify will smart scan these, entering most information automatically (e.g., merchant name, amount, date, expense category). Sometimes you will receive a prompt to enter further information, such as the expense category for an obscure merchant or the class (e.g., committee name, conference title). You can also enter expenses for which you have no receipt (e.g., mileage, meal per diems), and additional comments should you wish to provide more information to the NLMA. Expenses are automatically submitted to the NLMA on your behalf (currently every Sunday, provided there are no violations), including an image of the original receipt. There is no need for you to send anything else to the NLMA; you may discard the original receipts or save them for your own files. Should there be an issue with an expense, you will receive a rejection note from the NLMA with guidance on how to correct. And you can log in at any time to see if a previously submitted expense has already been reimbursed.

To sign up, please provide the NLMA with the e-mail address you will use so you can be added to the NLMA Expensify policy. Once you are added to the policy, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Visit and/or download the Expensify app for your iOS or Android device.

Assistance For assistance, please contact J. David Mitchell, Director, Administration & Membership at (709) 726-7424 (301), (800) 563-2003 (301) or

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