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Categories are determined by a memberís status when applying, and subsequently by their status on January 1. Membership renewals are due February 15 of each year.

  • Student Any member enrolled in a Newfoundland and Labrador medical school undergraduate program.
    • Student (with CMA) $8.00
    • Student (without CMA) $8.00
  • Resident Any member enrolled in a medical school post-graduate program, or the Clinical Skills Assessment and Training (CSAT) program.
    • Resident (with CMA) $100.00
    • Resident (without CMA) $100.00
  • Practicing
    • Full Any member who holds a licence (Full or Provisional categories) issued under the Medical Act, including locums or members of the Canadian Armed Forces.
      • Full (with CMA) $1,895.00
        • Full (by installment with CMA) $498.00 per quarter
      • Full (without CMA) $1,700.00
        • Full (by installment without CMA) $446.00 per quarter
    • Sick Leave Any Full category member currently not practicing due to health reasons.
      • Sick Leave (with complimentary CMA) $0.00
      • Sick Leave (without CMA) $0.00
    • Sabbatical Any Full category member currently not practicing due to a sabbatical leave.
      • Sabbatical (with CMA) $258.00
      • Sabbatical (without CMA) $160.00
    • Parental Leave Any Full category member currently not practicing due to pregnancy, birth or adoption, to a maximum of one year from the date of birth or adoption.
      • Parental Leave (with CMA) $258.00
      • Parental Leave (without CMA) $160.00
    • Non-resident Any member practicing outside Newfoundland and Labrador who was formerly a member in another category.
      • Non-resident (with CMA) $395.00
      • Non-resident (without CMA) $200.00
  • Retired Any member retired from the practice of medicine, including those performing locums during retirement.
    • Retired (with CMA) $160.00
    • Retired (without CMA) $160.00
    • Honorary Life Member Any member who has been awarded the NLMA or CMA Honorary Life Membership Award.
      • CMA Honorary Life Member $0.00
      • NLMA Honorary Life Member (with CMA) $0.00
      • NLMA Honorary Life Member (without CMA) $0.00 

Assistance For assistance, please contact Suzan Izquierdo, Membership Administrator at

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