NLMA Parental Leave Allowance

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The NLMA Parental Leave Allowance is available to physician parents of a newborn or newly adopted child. Funding for the allowance is provided through the Clinical Stabilization Fund. All eligible physicians are encouraged to apply.

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  • About An overview of the allowance, including eligibility, benefits, and restrictions.
  • Apply Submit this form initially to apply for the allowance and to determine eligibility.
  • Report Submit this form regularly to receive the allowance; failure to submit in a timely manner (biweekly recommended, unless you use the special version for EI recipients) will result in a disruption of benefits.
  • FAQs Read frequently asked questions about the parental leave allowance, including tax implications.
  • Privacy Review the NLMA Privacy Policy.
  • NLMA Website Visit or return to the main NLMA website.

Assistance For assistance, please contact J. David Mitchell, Director, Administration & Membership at (709) 726-7424 (301), (800) 563-2003 (301) or

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