NLMA Parental Leave Allowance
Report Form

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EI Version

Use this version if you ARE eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) income during the benefit period. The form covers 17 weeks (first Monday to last Sunday) and is only for EI recipients with no other source of income during the benefit period. Note, you must already have submitted the separate Application Form and been approved to receive the allowance.

Switch to the Regular Version if you ARE NOT eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) income during the benefit period.



NLMA Number

Report Start Date

(Cannot be earlier than Birth/Placement Date; must be a Monday; must have already passed; cannot be earlier than October 5, 2015)

Report End Date

(Must be a Sunday)

Report Duration

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

(To update information originally submitted on Application Form, OTHERWISE LEAVE BLANK)

Child Full Name

Birth/Placement Date
(Proof may be requested; DD/MM/YY)

Leave Start Date

Leave End Date

(Earned during reporting period, regardless when payment is received)


Week Amount (CAD)
Fee for Service
(Gross amount; FFS income earned, regardless of when payment received)

Not applicable

(Gross amount; academic-related parental leave allowances are exempt)
Not applicable $0.00
Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits
(Gross amount; $543 maximum benefit expected if salaried; waiting period/timing of benefits has no bearing)

Per Week

Other Employment Income
(Gross amount; rural retention bonuses are exempt)
Not applicable $0.00





I certify that for the duration of my benefit period, defined as the period from the Report Start Date to the Report End Date above, my sole source of income will be employment insurance (EI). I agree to notify the NLMA should this circumstance change at any time during the benefit period.

Assistance For assistance, please contact J. David Mitchell, Director, Administration & Membership at (709) 726-7424 (301), (800) 563-2003 (301) or

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