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Annual General Meeting


The NLMA annual general meeting (AGM) is held each June and provides members with the opportunity to attend in-depth sessions on issues that matter to physicians and to bring forward and debate resolutions that help guide the Board of Directors to set policy.

The AGM also provides members with the opportunity to receive reports from the executive director, the president, committees, and the auditor's report. The AGM includes an NLMA and Canadian Medical Association (CMA) honorary life membership awards ceremony and installation of the incoming president. View the NLMA Annual Report on the Annual Reports page. 



Board of Directors  


Board members and officers are elected annually at the AGM. NLMA members are represented at the national level through the CMA Board of Directors.

The Professional Association of Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Medical Students' Society at Memorial University each have one non-voting member on the NLMA Board of Directors.

President - Dr. Susan MacDonald

Past President - Dr. Lynette Powell
President-Elect - Dr. Kristopher Luscombe



Directors At-Large

Dr. Sarah Clancy

Dr. David Flusk

Dr. William Moores

Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi

Dr. Amer Qureshi

Dr. Hans Schaefer




Board Chair - Dr. Arthur Rideout

Resident Rep - Dr. Jillian McCarthy

Medical Student Rep - Georgia Darmonkow






Organizational Chart (PDF)



2021 Nominating Committee

Dr. Tracey Bridger (Chair)

Regional representatives to be determined

Standing Committees 

Governance Committee

Finance & Administration Committee

External Relations Committee

Negotiations Committee


Advisory Councils 

Physician Wellness Advisory Council

Rural Physicians Advisory Council

IMG Advisory Council

Health Information Technology

Physician Services Liaison Committee (PSLC)


Ad Hoc Committees  

NLMA-CPSNL Joint Committee

Joint Management Committee - GNL, RHA, NLMA

MSA, MAC, Clinical Chiefs, Councils, NLCHI, NGOs, etc.  


NLMA Representatives on CMA Committees/Forums

Dr. Paula Kennedy – Board of Directors

Dr. Lynn Dwyer  – Committee on Nominations





Executive Director - Mr. Robert Thompson
Associate Executive Director - Ms. Lynn Barter
Director, Administration & Membership - Mr. J. David Mitchell
Membership Administrator - Ms. Suzan Izquierdo
Administrative Assistant - Ms. Donna Osmond
Director, Communications & Public Affairs - Mr. Jonathan Carpenter

Communications Coordinator - Ms. Anna Delaney

Director, Health Policy & Economics - Mr. Scott Brown

Senior Compensation & Benefits Analyst - Ms. Tamie L. White

Health Policy Analyst & Legal Counsel - Ms. Aimee Letto

Medical Director, NLMA Physician Care Network - Dr. Susan King
Clinical Stabilization Fund Project Coordinator - Ms. Jean Cook

Senior Advisor, Health Information - Ms. Lucy McDonald


























President - Dr. Susan MacDonald, MD, CCFP PC FCFP

Dr. Susan MacDonald has been practising Palliative Medicine in St. John’s for more than 20 years. She is a teacher, leader, researcher and clinician renowned for her progressive dedication to providing care for the terminally ill. She has made it her life’s work and purpose to garner respect, understanding and compassion for the dying. On June 5, 2021, Dr. MacDonald was installed as the 96th President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association. (Full Bio)



Dr. Lynette Powell

Past President - Dr. Lynette Powell, MD

Dr. Lynette Powell has been practising medicine in Grand Falls-Windsor since 2004. Her practice currently includes both Family Medicine and Long-Term Care. During her years in the community, she has also provided inpatient care, operating room assistance, emergency room coverage and was a clinical associate in psychiatry and gynecology. On September 12, 2020, Dr. Powell was installed as the 95th President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association. (Full Bio)