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Virtual Care Toolkit *UPDATED APRIL 30, 2020*


A new toolkit for physicians on using virtual care is available. This toolkit is provided as helpful advice for physicians but is not a set of rules or requirements. The NLMA toolkit has been adapted from Doctors of BC, and has content for NL physicians to support planning for treating patients remotely, including:


  • Workflow (for example, obtaining patient contact information and patient consent)
  • Equipment essentials and testing
  • Virtual care tools for physicians
  • Patient communication
  • Privacy and security safeguards
  • Frequently asked questions





NLMA-NL CPFP Statement on Balancing In-Person and Virtual Care




Frequently Asked Questions





 Virtual Care Guidlines 





Virtual Care Billing


September 23, 2020 - Extension of Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment and Pandemic Virtual Care Fee Codes for Consultants


August 28, 2020 - Revised Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment for FFS Family Physicians


August 12, 2020 - Pandemic Virtual Care Fee Codes for Consultants


May 1, 2020 -  MCP Newsletter: REVISED Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment

April 2, 2020Q&A Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment (PVAC) Code - UPDATED


March 25, 2020 -  MCP Newsletter: Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment


March 27, 2020 - WorkplaceNL accepts Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment fee code





Virtual Care Webinar for Specialists and Family Physicians


This provincial webinar session on getting started with virtual care was hosted by the NLMA and FPRP on March 31.  We were joined by physicians who have built virtual care into their regular practice, including Dr. Kris Luscombe, a Psychiatrist in Grand Falls-Windsor and Drs. Brad Bahler and Tobias Gelber, Family Physicians in Alberta. The session also included an overview of the Pandemic Virtual Care Assessment fee code. The Webinar has been recorded and is now available below.


Canadian Medical Association Virtual Care Resources






Resources from Covid-19 Health Care Cybersecurity e-Learning

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds and the need for virtual care increases, we are seeing a surge in cyberattacks against hospitals, organizations and health care professionals. Health care professionals may inadvertently trigger breaches that lead to locked down institutions, health systems and encrypted electronic patient records. To help support health professionals manage this increased risk, Saegis, a subsidiary of the CMPA, is offering free COVID-19 Healthcare Cybersecurity E-learning, a course for those working in the Canadian health care space. The course is comprised of two modules which will each take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Here is the link :


Patient Guide to Virtual Care


A new guide to virtual care for patients is also available. This document answers frequently asked questions on virtual care and can be shared with your patients. This document has also been adapted from Doctors of BC.







eConsult is a secure, web-based tool that allows family physicians to submit non-urgent, patient specific questions to a participating specialty. The request is processed and assigned to an appropriate consultant, who is asked to respond within seven (7) days. During the disruption to the health care system due to COVID-19, eConsult is an effective means for family physicians to access specialist advise and expertise for their patients in a timely manner.

If you have already signed up for eConsult, you are encouraged to avail of this service.

To request an eConsult account visit:


To learn more about eConsult visit:




Healthe NL.png

If you are working from home and calling in prescriptions for patients, pharmacists will require the patient's date of birth an
d MCP number. This information, as well as information about the patient's medical history is available in HEALTHe NL, the province's Electronic Health Record (EHR). HEALTHe NL consolidates information from a variety of sources across the province, including the community medication profile from the Pharmacy Network, medical imaging, clinical documentation, lab results and encounters from each of the RHA MEDITECH systems, as well as immunizations from the Client Referral Management System (CRMS) and demographics from the Client Registry. It provides timely access to up-to-date patient health records when and where needed at no cost to physicians. 

Physicians can access and register for HEALTHe NL by visiting or within the patient’s record in the Med Access EMR.



Virtual Care Offerings from the NL Centre for Health Information (NLCHI):






eDOCSNL is committed to providing resources and information to support you during COVID-19. As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, you may see communications from eDOCSNL referring to tools and functionality suggestions. Please visit for regular updates on educational materials, suggested tools, resources and functionality.


Patients can be referred to the Eastern Health Respiratory Assessment Clinic from the MedAccess EMR 

Eastern Health is accepting referrals for the Respiratory Assessment Clinic on Mundy Pond Road in St. John’s. If applicable to your practice, you can use the form found on the website to refer. This form will eventually appear in the EMR as part of the regular Telus update process but it was felt that it would be best to put it in the hands of providers as quickly as possible, given the current situation, so the program is making the form available for download as an interim measure.

You can find the referral form at (see highlighted form below) along with the guide for how to import and access the template in the same location.  It is recommended to read the guide before importing the template. 

EMR ili referral form.png

As always, if you experience issues please reach out to the program at