Fall 2011

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Physicians will partner with patients to spur government action: CMA President



Canadian Medical Association President Dr. John Haggie served notice that the Association will continue to pressure the federal government and press forward with its health care transformation initiatives in the coming year.

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The CMA: There's an app for that

By CMA Staff
The CMA has introduced a mobile version of cma.ca that will allow members to use smart phones to gain instant access to information about CMA-related events, news, social media links and discounts for members.

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Physicians support public’s call for patient charter

At General Council in August, the CMA released its 11th annual National Report Card on Health Care in Canada, which uses public opinion data collected by Ipsos Reid to assess the attitudes of Canadians regarding their experiences with the health care system.

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Outgoing CMA President calls on physicians to unite around vision for quality


During his valedictory address to General Council in St. John’s, outgoing CMA President Dr. Jeff Turnbull warned that the country’s health care system, once regarded as the pillar of Canadian society, is eroding.

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General Council in Pictures

Submitted Article

Our own Dr. John's Haggie was sworn in as 2011-12 CMA President. Strategic session webcasts, address footage, education session presentations, resolutions and reports are available on the CMA website.

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Treating veterans with mental health needs

Submitted Article
As they leave military service, an increasing number of young and middle-aged Canadian Forces veterans are returning to Newfoundland and Labrador, creating a demand for specialized health services.

f i n a n c e
Estate planning and incorporation

By Mike Oxner
Incorporation adds a level of complexity to estate planning, so extra steps must be taken to ensure that the Canada Revenue Agency isn’t inadvertently a chief beneficiary of the estate.

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Project Broken Earth helping to repair a nation

By Jonathan Carpenter

On July 15, a group of 27 health care professionals from Eastern Health travelled to Port-au-Prince to volunteer their vacations to provide chronic and acute care to the Haitian people.

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Accountability will be central to new health accord: Health minister

In her address to CMA General Council, Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq stated that the new health accord will be one single agreement between the federal government and the provinces that will be firmly focused on accountability.

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Doctors urged to bring patients into the conversation

On August 22, the CMA released its Report of the Advisory Panel on Resourcing Options for Sustainable Health Care in Canada during General Council in St. John’s.

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Physicians strongly endorse quality agenda

By CMA Staff

The quality improvement agenda was front and centre during the Canadian Medical Association's Annual Meeting and General Council.

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Canadians see “moral imperative” to fix health care system

By CMA Staff

The CMA report on the National Dialogue on Health Care Transformation with Canadians, released just prior to General Council in August, showed public appetite to address problems within the health care system.

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Physician receives national award

By NLMA Staff

Grand Falls-Windsor physician Dr. Canagasundram Anandakrishnan is the recipient of the 2011 Canadian Dermatology Foundation Practitioner of the Year award.


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CancerConnection builds online community to support patients, caregivers

Submitted Article
The Canadian Cancer Society offers support to cancer patients and their caregivers through CancerConnection, a telephone support service that matches callers with a trained volunteer who has gone through a similar cancer experience.


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In Memoriam

By NLMA Staff
It is with great sadness that we inform our readers of the passing of Dr. James C. Yarn, Dr. Clive Mellor and Dr. Robert John Fox Simms. The NLMA would like to express condolences to the family and friends of these outstanding physicians.

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From Peer to Peer: A Review of the Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review

By Dr. David Hambly
For 19 years, the APMPR has been assessing physicians in keeping with our mission to “contribute to quality patient care through the assessment and education of physicians, and the promotion of excellence in medical office practices and procedures.”


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World AIDS Day 2011

By By Kimberley A. Burt, Dr. Bayan Missaghi
December 1 is recognized as World AIDS Day. In honour of this day, it seems fitting that we reflect upon the people who have lost their lives to this disease, and those who continue to live with it.


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Low intensity laser therapy in neck pain treatment: A meta-analysis

By Clare Barry
Speakers at the 6th International Laser Therapy Conference held in Toronto this past summer addressed the topic of low intensity laser therapy or LILT and neck pain. The findings indicate LILT is a safe treatment option for neck pain with no adverse effects.


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Making time to get a healthy start

Submitted Article
With fall, children are returning to their weekday routines, and days are quickly filled with scheduled activities and responsibilities. Unfortunately, an important component of daily routine is often forgotten — a healthy breakfast.


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