Spring 2005

E x e c u t i v e   d i r e c t o r ' s   m e s s a g e
NLMA, government preparing for negotiations
Will it be possible to reconcile the government’s fiscal agenda with the demands of the health system, particularly medical care services?
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
New vaccines added to childhood immunization program

Children and adolescents now have more protection against infectious diseases thanks to the decision to add three new vaccines to the Provincial Immunization Schedule.

F i n a n c i a l
How income is distributed, reported by mutual funds
Income earned by mutual fund trusts is allocated on a pro rata basis; shareholders of mutual fund corporations receive capital gains dividends and taxable dividends.

P e r s p e c t i v e s
Practice management tips

As I write this I, like everyone else, am getting ready for the taxman. So I’m in a bit of a practice management mood. Here’s what comes to mind.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Physicians to receive Cancer Awareness month package
During Cancer Awareness month in April, the Cervical Screening Initiatives Program encourages physicians to include Pap screening in their promotion of overall patient health.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Study supports value of school breakfast programs
Armed with a growing body of medical research, Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador is making good nutrition part of the school day for more than 16,000 children.
E d u c a t i o n
CME series now available on CD-ROM
A series of CME sessions on the topic of chronic nonmalignant pain, opioids and addiction is now available on CD-ROM.
P r i v a c y
Big brother's not alone
Brace yourself because if you are a physician, your right to privacy is being challenged on a number of fronts, and the battle's not going well.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
CMA plans new fitness-to-drive guide
The CMA is revising its Determining Medical Fitness to Drive, the MD’s bible for assessing whether a driver’s medical condition poses a danger on the country’s highways.
H e a l t h   P o l i c y
Tragic choices: deciding on public coverage
Ideally, our health care system is designed to ensure that everyone receives the care they need regardless of their ability to pay. In reality, the system is limited in what it can provide.
I n f o r m a t i o n   T e c h n o l o g y
Teleoncology program launched
Cancer care for patients in the province is now easier and more convenient through the use of distance technology.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Pilot study to look at ways to prevent complications from kidney disease
A national pilot study on moderately advanced kidney disease and its associated heart and blood vessel problems is being coordinated at Memorial University.
H e a l t h   P o l i c y
Findings of study on teen suicide released
The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information recently released the findings of a study on suicide attempts among adolescents aged 10 to 19 years.
G o v e r n m e n t   R e l a t i o n s
Student debt, tobacco among main issues as CMA invades Parliament Hill
On February 24, more than 30 CMA members fanned out through the House of Commons to discuss the profession’s political concerns with members of Parliament.
E d u c a t i o n
Residency match 2005: Family medicine on upswing?
Family medicine appears to be regaining some of its lost lustre.
H e a l t h   P o l i c y
Demand to grow for Alzheimer and related dementia services
With statistics showing that 420,000 Canadians over 65 have Alzheimer Disease and estimates predicting this will triple, the Alzheimer Society knows that the demand for its services will only grow.


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