Spring 2006

E x e c u t i v e   d i r e c t o r ' s   m e s s a g e
Renewed strategic plan, immediate actions needed to ensure stable medical care in province

By Robert Ritter

The signing of a new Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the provincial government and physicians has finally taken place after many months of negotiations.

H e a l t h   P o l i c y
New CMA forum seeks input from province’s MDs

Submitted Article

The CMA is trying to deepen the pool of physicians providing it with input and advice by launching an electronic advisory panel that will be consulted when major policy issues arise.

P e r s p e c t i v e s
Testing for atherosclerotic heart disease

By Dr. Susan King
I attended a presentation by Dr. Greg Browne recently on Peripheral Vascular Disease. Now known as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), it is felt to be one of the best predictors of atherosclerotic heart disease.

H e a l t h   T e c h n o l o g y
Teleoncology program model for virtual delivery of medical care

By Lynn Barter
A provincial teleoncology program launched in January 2005 is quickly gaining the support and interest of patients, physicians and health care administrators in the province.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Family doctor offers advice on how physicians can increase cervical screening

By Dr. Brenda Penney
Pap smears should be a very important part of every adult woman’s life. I have, over the past several years, conducted “Pap smear clinics” where patients make appointments to have their annual Pap test.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Lewisporte MD recognized for contributions to women’s health

Submitted Article
Dr. Brenda Penney of the Lewisporte Medical Clinic was recognized recently for her contribution to women’s health.

F i n a n c i a l
Top 5 tax-saving best practices

By Joan McCarthy

Minimizing tax is a very important part of one’s financial plan. The following best practices include some basic tax-saving strategies that are available to most individuals.

H e a l t h   P o l i c y
CMA members’ opinions on public-private health care: initial analysis

Submitted Article
An analysis of responses to the CMA’s request for MD input on the relationship between public and private medicine in Canada has produced some intriguing results.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Health promotion pilot gives resources to physicians, patients

Submitted Article

This spring, the Canadian Medical Association, in partnership with the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association will be launching a pilot in the province of its newest member benefit.

Expect more calls on injured worker claims

Submitted Article
The Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission expects its new employer program to lead to closer contact with the medical community.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Survey finds drugs often incorrectly prescribed

By Sharon Gray
A survey to assess benzodiazepine prescribing patterns of doctors in Maine found that many patients are given long-term prescriptions for this class of drugs, despite established guidelines that recommend they be used for no more than a month.

H e a l t h   P o l i c y
CMA president tackles “Medicare myths” in Toronto speech

Submitted Article

CMA President Ruth Collins-Nakai wants Canadians to speak out to help define what they want their health care system to be.

P r i v a c y
Consent and electronic sharing of health information

By Ed Brown

The balance between respecting the patient’s privacy and sharing information needed for diagnosis and treatment has been traditionally part of the patient-physician relationship.

H e a l t H   P o l i c y
Common drug review aims to ensure health of drug benefit plans

By Sandy Fox

Each year, as many as 90 new medicinal drugs are approved for use in Canada, ranging from simple painkillers to live biologic vaccines.

E v e n t s
May 16 is Census day — count yourself in

Submitted Article

On Tuesday, May 16, 2006, more than 32.5 million people in 12.7 million households across Canada will “count themselves in” as part of the 2006 Census.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Working together towards healthy pregnancy outcomes

By Janet Murphy Goodridge
One of the main goals of education and support programs is to “enable women, their partners and families to achieve a healthy pregnancy, optimal birth outcome and a positive adaptation to parenting”.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Building community supports for province’s “invisible heroes”: Unpaid family and friend caregivers

Submitted Article

When prescribing medications or treatments for a patient, do you often wish there were something that you could do for their family members as well?

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Smokers’ Helpline recognizes top referring physicians

Submitted Article

The Smokers’ Helpline recently presented top referring physicians with a Recognition Award in appreciation of outstanding efforts in fighting tobacco addiction in this province.

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