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Planning for the future
Master program, plan to be developed for Eastern Health’s hospital-based
St. John’s services

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An intensive year-long planning effort will begin in April 2009 when Eastern Health starts work on a master program and master plan for its acute care facilities in St. John’s.

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An intensive year-long planning effort will begin in April 2009 when Eastern Health starts work on a master program and master plan for its acute care facilities in St. John’s.

Serious challenges in providing care (such as inadequate and inappropriate space, infection control issues and lack of privacy and teaching space) exist at St. John’s acute care hospitals (St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, the Waterford Hospital, the L.A. Miller Centre and the General Hospital at the Health Sciences Centre). These issues, as well as challenges in providing the most current standard of care, are prompting the redevelopment effort. The Cancer Care program at the H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre and the Women’s and Children’s Health Program at the Janeway will also be involved in this planning as they are located at the Health Sciences site.

Funding has been committed from the provincial government to support the planning phase.

Over the next 12 months the leadership teams, physicians and staff at the four sites will be encouraged to be involved and informed. A number of clinical services teams will be established to work with the consultant team. The consultants will examine population trends and collect information for workload forecasting in addition to assessing the buildings and determining whether they can continue to be used to provide health care. A close link with Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine and other health professional programs will be necessary as the planning moves forward.

The outcome of the planning process will be a master program and a master plan that looks to the future (2025). The master program will describe the secondary and tertiary health services that are required to be offered in St. John’s, the resources that will be needed to provide these services, and the location and adjacencies required for the most efficient delivery of the services. The master plan will provide a high-level depiction of the physical space that is best suited to deliver the care and service that will be required. Several options will be presented and assessed.

Eastern Health realizes that many urgent and immediate issues and renovations to space will be needed and some will be taking place as this planning occurs. The master plan will address long-term issues. However, short and medium-term strategies will also be described.

Once the master program and plan are completed and submitted to government, Eastern Health will move to the next step of requesting funding for design.

Information related to the redevelopment is available on the Eastern Health website under Our Services.



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Planning for the future

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