spring 2009

C M A   N E W S
Dr. John Haggie wins nomination for CMA President-Elect


By Jonathan Carpenter

Physicians in Newfoundland and Labrador have elected Dr. John Haggie, a general and vascular surgeon in Gander, as the province’s nominee for the position of President-Elect of the CMA for 2010-2011.

h e a l t h   p o l i c y
Medical associations to conduct third national physician survey

Submitted Article
Canada’s three major national medical organizations are conducting the third National Physician Survey this spring. The 2010 version will build on the growing body of knowledge from previous surveys.

d o c t o r s   i n   t h e   n e w s
Newfoundland doctor organizes relief effort in Haiti

By Jonathan Carpenter
Dr. Walley and his son Simon made two trips to Port au Prince in January and again in February to assess the situation and to decide how to best direct their efforts.

p e r s p e c t i v e s
Spring a great time to start running


By Dr. Susan King
Running away winter fat; party-busting meds; and, nutrition tips.

p h y s i c i a n   w e l l n e s s
Conquering Kilimanjaro

Compiled By NLMA Staff

On January 30, 2010, St. John’s family physicians Dr. Patrick O’Shea and Dr. John Collingwood reached the summit of the world’s highest free-standing mountain peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

i n f o r m a t i o n   t e c h n o l o g y
Electronic Health Records and stakeholder engagement

Submitted Article
The vision of achieving a provincial Electronic Health Record is continually moving closer to realization. The provincial EHR will enable health care providers to electronically view and manage patient information to enhance delivery of care.

H E A L T H   p r o m o t i o n
CBS Physician named province’s top screener for cervical cancer

By Jonathan Carpenter
Dr. Roxanne Cooper, a general practitioner at the Long Pond Medical Clinic, was the province’s leading screener, testing 974 patients in 2009.

H E A L T H   P R O M O T I O N
Canada's two-tiered library system is not acceptable

By Len Baker

For 15,000 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who are blind or partially sighted, the right to read is in jeopardy. Without partnerships with our federal and provincial governments, the CNIB Library could close in two years.

d o c t o r s   i n   t h e   n e w s
Hoisting the flame

By NLMA Staff

NLMA President Dr. Brendan Lewis had the honor of being the 13th torchbearer of the 12,000 Canadians selected to participate in the historic Olympic Torch Relay.

Online Only  c l i n i c a l  p r a c t i c e
Therapeutic hypothermia and HIE

By Dr. Douglas McMillan and Dr. Krista Jangaard
For every seven to eight babies treated with therapeutic hypothermia, one baby who might otherwise have died or had major neuro-developmental disability will survive without major neuro-developmental disability.

Online Only   e d u c a t i o n
Release of medical education report watershed moment

Submitted Article

For the first time in 100 years, our system of medical education has been examined through multiple lenses, and what has emerged is a series of recommendations that are consensus-based and firmly grounded in the evidence.

Online Only  H e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Nicotine replacement products safe, effective for most tobacco users

Submitted Article

The smoke-free policies now in place at all regional health authorities in the province ensure that patients may receive smoking cessation medications while in hospital.

Online Only  h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Physicians, nurses recognized for efforts to increase cervical screening rates

Submitted Article

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, the Cervical Screening Initiatives Program has initiated a process to say “Thank You,” on behalf of women in the province, to all health care providers partnering with them to improve the health status of women.

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