spring 2012

i n   m e m or i a m
End of an era


By NLMA Staff

Dr. Nigel Rusted, a pioneer in medicine and the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association’s oldest member, died on March 18, 2012 at the age of 104.

h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Haitian relief efforts forging stronger bond with Memorial

Submitted Article
In February, a group of 30 health care professionals from Memorial University and Eastern Health headed to Haiti on a continuing mission to provide medical assistance to a country ravaged by an earthquake two years ago.

d o c t o r s   i n   t h e   n e w s
Doctors in the News

Submitted Article
Dr. Kara Laing named Specialist of the Year; Dr. Elias Bartellas receives Mentor of the Year award.

h e a l t h   p o l i c y
Study shows that more physician specialists staying in province


Submitted Article
New research from Memorial University shows that more physician specialists are staying to work in Newfoundland and Labrador than in previous years.

c l i n i c a l   p r a c t i c e
“It’s OK to say sorry.”

By CMA Staff

The CMA has endorsed a revised set of guidelines that physicians should follow when disclosing adverse events to patients.

c l i n i c a l   p r a c t i c e
The older driver

Submitted Article
Newfoundland and Labrador has an aging population. There are approximately 368,000 licensed drivers in the province. Roughly 62,000 are age 65 or older; 36,000 are age 70 or older; and, 7,500 are age 81 or older.

h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Updated graphic health warnings on cigarette packages opportune time to address tobacco use

By Mary Lynn Pender
As of June 19, every package of cigarettes and little cigars sold will contain updated graphic health warning messages and for the first time ever, a pan-Canadian toll-free quit line number is included to link individuals with support to quit.

c l i n i c a l   p r a c t i c e
When Metformin is not enough

Submitted Article

Recent recommendations developed through projects conducted by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health that examined the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a wide range of antidiabetes drugs.

p r a c t i c e   m a n a g e m e n t
From Peer to Peer

By Dr. David Hambly
Despite our having been in operation for almost two decades, some physicians still perceive an assessment by the Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review as an intrusion into their autonomy as an experienced, practising physician.

h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Infant feeding study seeks physician support

Submitted Article
The feeding infants in Newfoundland and Labrador (FiNal) study is designed to help researchers find out about infant feeding issues in the province by having pregnant women answer a questionnaire on  how they plan to feed their infant.

f i n a n c i a l
Physician incorporation

By MD Physician Services

More than half of Canada’s practising physicians have incorporated their medical practices to defer and/or reduce taxes. Let’s revisit key steps and reasons for incorporation to see if it makes sense based on your current circumstances.

Online Only  a g m
2012 AGM to focus on governance and strategic planning

By NLMA Staff

The NLMA will hold its 87th annual general meeting on June 2 to debate resolutions and help the Association set policy that will shape the direction for 2013. The business session will be held in lecture Lecture Theatre A in the Health Sciences Centre in St. John’s.

Online Only  i n   m e m o r i a m
In Memoriam

By NLMA Staff

It is with great sadness that we inform our readers of the passing of Dr. Richard John Sturmey Harley, Dr. Nigel Francis Scarth Rusted And Dr. Thomas Christopher (T.C.) Farrell. The NLMA would like to express condolences to the family and friends of these outstanding physicians.


Online Only  h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Study looks at relationship of selected micronutrients and the risk of colorectal cancer

Submitted Article
A new study by researchers in Memorial’s Faculty of Medicine presents evidence that dietary intake of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, riboflavin and folate are associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer.


Online Only  c m a   n e w s
Women now outnumber men in family medicine, CMA data show

By CMA Staff
For the first time, there are more women certified to practice family medicine in Canada than men.

Online Only  e d u c a t i o n
Stigma facing mentally ill targeted in new CME course for MDs

By CMA Staff
The CMA is taking an anti-stigma message directly to physicians via the country’s first continuing medical education (CME) course dealing with the impact stigma has on mentally ill patients and within the medical profession itself.


Online Only h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Report calls for mandatory calorie and sodium facts on menus

Submitted Article
The Centre for Science in the Public Interest is calling on local, provincial or federal governments to require the disclosure of calorie numbers and high-sodium warnings on menus and menu boards at large chain-restaurants.


Online Only C M A   n e w s
CMA president in Labrador

By CMA Staff
CMA President John Haggie said he had many memories to take away from his visit with physicians throughout Labrador in November, but two stood out.


Online Only e d u c a t i o n
Medical students oppose PEI’s mandatory return-of-service provision

By CMA Staff
Should medical students from Prince Edward Island be forced to return to the island to practice because the province pays to guarantee them some spaces at a nearby university?


Online Only h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Daffodil Place

Submitted Article
Daffodil Place has become a home away from home when it matters most for many people living with cancer who have to travel to St. John’s to receive cancer care.


Online Only h e a l t h   p o l i c y
Improving Health Together

Submitted Article
On December 19, 2011, the Minister of Health and Community Services launched a new chronic disease prevention and management policy that takes a long term, comprehensive and integrated approach to chronic disease prevention and management.


Online Only h e a l t h   p r o m o t i o n
Cervical screening rate increasing

By Joanne Rose
Each year, to celebrate International Women's Day, the Cervical Screening Initiatives Program recognizes physicians and other health care providers who screen more than 200 women per year.


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