Summer 2003

A G M 
New president ready for challenges ahead
Dr. Susan King pledged to build on the experiences and successes of the past year in anticipation of the challenges ahead as she accepted the NLMA's chain of office as the new president.
Resolutions from the 2003 AGM

Following are resolutions arising from this year's annual general meeting and approved by the Board of Directors.

E x e c u t i v e   d i r e c t o r ' s   m e s s a g e
President's tour planned for summer
We want to hear more from you directly about the issues that are most important to you. This information will be used to shape our next negotiations agenda.
Outgoing president urges physicians to use their voice to affect change
Dr. John Haggie used his final address as president of the NLMA to encourage his colleagues to continue to exercise their authority and expertise to improve health care delivery in the province.
P r i v a c y
Not a person: How a federal act will take away the physician's right to privacy
Unless the provincial government acts quickly, on January 1, 2004, a piece of federal legislation will come into effect in this province that will fundamentally change the way physicians practice medicine.
G o v e r n m e n t   R e l a t i o n s
ACT welcomes Heather Crowe back to province  
This July, the Alliance for the Control of Tobacco will welcome Ms. Heather Crowe back to the province to reinforce her message that all workplaces should be 100 per cent smoke-free.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n 
Cervical cancer screening and HPV
Based on a pilot study carried out by the provincial Public Health Laboratory on the application of human papillomavirus DNA testing in cervical cancer screening, a large-scale randomized controlled trial is under way in the province. 
 A G m
AGM scrapbook
A collection of photos taken during various AGM events, including senior member award presentations.
P e r s p e c t i v e s 
The AGM: What my buddies told me
Well, another successful AGM has come and gone. It's a perfect chance to meet with our colleagues from around the province and from many different specialties. What an opportunity to pick some brains!
P r a c t i c e   M a n a g e m e n t
Medical assessments crucial in issuing disabled identification parking permits
There are specific impaired mobility regulations designated under the Highway Traffic Act which define whether a person with mobility impairment meets the criteria for a physically disabled parking permit.
P r a c t i c e   M a n a g e m e n t
How does a professional corporation affect OMA insurance coverage?
Physicians with incorporated practices and those contemplating incorporation should be aware of the following information with respect to their OMA insurance.
F i n a n c i a l 
Market downturns and recovery
During periods of downside volatility, even the most sophisticated investor may question the validity of their commitment to a long-term investment strategy.
J o b   A c t i o n
NLMA wins two communications awards
The NLMA was recently awarded two Pinnacle Awards for excellence in communications by the provincial chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.
P r a c t i c e   M a n a g e m e n t
From Peer to Peer
Following their involvement with the Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review, every physician who participates is asked to complete a "Physicians' Evaluation of Peer Review" questionnaire.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n 
Smokers' Helpline service available to everyone
The Smokers' Helpline, free to anyone in the province, offers the following services.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n 
An open door: The Seniors Resource Centre
The Seniors Resource Centre's programs and services take a proactive approach to assisting seniors live happy, healthy and independent lives.
H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n 
Alcoholics Anonymous
Thousands of AA members owe their lives to physicians.
A r c h i v e s
Three decades ago
A look back at the 1973 NLMA AGM in Grand Falls.

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