Summer 2006

Resolutions shape NLMA’s agenda for coming year

By NLMA Staff

Resolutions at this year’s annual general meeting focused on a number of important issues including wait times, primary care renewal, electronic medical records, emergency preparedness and chronic pain management.

P e r s p e c t i v e s
Potpourri of topics addressed at AGM CME

By Dr. Susan King

This year, at the request of our members, saw the return of the continuing education session. On Friday afternoon we were treated to a potpourri of topics, expertly delivered by our colleagues.

E d u c a t i o n
Dean makes case to increase size of medical school

By NLMA Staff
“Our data supports both the importance of increasing the number of medical students from the province and building a strong medical education pipeline to practice that involves all parts of the province,” said Dr. Rourke.

CMA plan addresses physician shortages

By NLMA Staff
The NLMA’s objective of self-sufficiency is mirrored nationally by the CMA in its plan to address the shortage of physicians in Canada.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Report confirms effectiveness of Smokers’ Helpline

By Mary Lynn Pender
The University of Waterloo recently released a report detailing the effectiveness of several Canadian smokers’ help lines. The report suggests that quit lines can double or triple an individual’s success in quitting.

F i n a n c i a l
Dollar may be strong, but still need to invest abroad

By Keith Butler

The reasons are the same as when the loonie was worth only 65 cents U.S.

P r i v a c y
Who's your boss? The Patient v. the Crown

By Ed Brown
Many jurisdictions have allowed access to a physician's total billings under various freedom of information legislation. An interesting departure from the pattern appears in a May decision of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. 

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
New member program helps doctors tackle “invisible epidemic”

By CMA Staff

The CMA and the NLMA recently launched Canada’s Doctors: your partners in healthy living, a pilot project designed to promote a positive image of the profession and provide members with resources on health promotion topics.

E d u c a t i o n
Letter of thanks from NLMA bursary recipient

Submitted Article
The bursary is a welcome and wonderful gift. I am most impressed at the great value of the bursary. It indicates to me the commitment towards the future physicians of the province.

H e a l t h   P o l i c y
CMA’S e-panel looking for Newfoundland and Labrador volunteers

By CMA Staff
The electronic members’ opinion panel is more than half-way toward its goal of attracting 400 participants. However, Newfoundland and Labrador continues to be under-represented.

H e a l t h   P o l i c y
CMA releases seminal report on public-private interface

By CMA Staff

It's About Access! informs the debate on what the system is doing, and spurs discussion on what our society can decide it should do,” said CMA President, Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai.

H e a l t h   P o l i c y
Medical ethics and pandemics

By CMA Staff

The CMA has created a subcommittee to help it respond to ethical issues raised during a communicable disease pandemic.

E d u c a t i o n
Memorial major contributor to supply of province's doctors: Study

Submitted Article

Physicians trained at MUN make up more than half of all doctors in the province with about one-fifth of those working in the province’s rural areas.

E d u c a t i o n
Memorial University's Family Medicine residency program tops in Canada

Submitted Article

The Family Medicine residency program offered at Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine is first in the country in the percentage of graduates choosing family medicine.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Poor adherence to blood pressure medications may fuel growing epidemic

Submitted Article
While lifestyle changes are critically important, drugs are often also required and poor adherence to medication schedules is an issue for many hypertensive patients.

H e a l t h   P r o m o t i o n
Cervical screening program expands

Submitted Article

The Cervical Screening Initiatives Program expanded recently to include the rural Eastern health region, which includes the Burin and Bonavista peninsulas.

H e a l t h   T e c h n o l o g y
Report sheds light on emergency department overcrowding

Submitted Article

CADTH recently published a four-part health technology assessment series, which is the most comprehensive review of emergency department  overcrowding ever conducted in Canada.

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