E X E C U T I V E   D I R E C T O R ' S   M E S S A G E
Professionalism, leadership, unity key to successful negotiations: Dr. Brendan Lewis


By Jonathan Carpenter

 “Professionalism lies at the heart of being a good doctor and it sets a standard for what our patients should expect from us. At its very core is the physician-patient relationship and the practice of putting our patient’s care above our own interests."

Completeness of Form 8/10 improving: Commission

Submitted Article
It has been just over six months since the Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Commission implemented a revised form 8/10. Case managers report that when completed properly, the forms are helping them better manage claims.

e x e c u t i v e   d i r e c t o r ' s   m e s s a g e
President Clinton’s message applicable to province’s health care sector

By Rob Ritter
President Bill Clinton’s discourse was brimming with thought-provoking and inspiring ideas. I reflected on whether any of this might be applicable to our own local circumstances in the health sector. In my mind, the answer is clearly yes.

Learnings from Wednesday at Noon, new NLPDP plan

By Dr. Susan King
Thyroid tests, NLPDP Assurance Plan and recommended websites.

H E A L T H   P R O M O T I O N
One smile makes all the difference


By Jonathan Carpenter
In May, St. John’s plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Rideout joined a team of 50 medical professionals from around the world in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa, to treat children born with facial clefts.

H E A L T H   P O L I C Y
Putting health evidence in context

Submitted Article

The Contextualized Health Research Synthesis Program of the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research aims to provide answers to some of the most pressing questions in our province’s health system.

Member generosity has a lifelong impact

By Jonathan Carpenter
The pressure to excel [in medical school] coupled with the long hours of study, emotional exhaustion and physical burnout can take a tremendous toll, not to mention the financial burden associated with rapidly increasing costs of medical education.

D O C T O R S   I N   T H E   N E W S
Physicians honored

By NLMA Staff

Dean wins award; rural docs honored; honorary degree for Linda Inkpen.

P H Y S I C I A N   W E L L N E S S
Physicians taking part in active living

By NLMA Staff

The “Pace Makers” will run the Tely 10 Mile Road Race on July 26 and the Family Medicine Unit at Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine will host the 9th annual Dr. John Ross Commemorative Walk on September 23.

2009 Dr. Phyllis H. Madryga Scholarship winner

By NLMA Staff
The Dr. Phyllis H. Madryga Scholarship is presented each year to a student from rural Newfoundland and Labrador in the final year of medical school with plans to practice rural medicine.

H E A L T H   A D M I N I S T R A T I O N
Community Medical Advisory Committee: St John’s and area

Submitted Article

In January 2009, a Community Medical Advisory Committee was formed by a group of interested physicians for the St. John’s and surrounding region of Eastern Health and is an integral part of the policy-making process for provincial medical staff bylaws.

H E A L T H   A D M I N I S T R A T I O N
New diagnostic imaging requisitions implemented

Submitted Article

 The new requisitions request information required to facilitate a standardized process to determine clinical priority for diagnostic imaging services. A package has been mailed to physicians.

Are your retirement savings protected?

By Joan McCarthy

What would happen to your future savings and retirement plan if today you were to become physically dependent, suffer a cognitive impairment, or if you became critically ill?

Members satisfied with NLMA services: Membership survey

By NLMA Staff

The results of the 2009 survey indicate that the majority of members are satisfied with NLMA services.

Online Only  H E A L T H   T E C H N O L O G Y
Pharmacy Network – Coming to a pharmacy near you!

Submitted Article

The Pharmacy Network is on the province’s doorstep, with deployment to community pharmacies set to commence in the coming weeks, and will, over time, connect all pharmacies in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Online Only  H E A L T H   P R O M O T I O N
Weekly Pap test clinic works well for busy family doctor and her patients

Submitted Article

In September 2007, Dr. Roxanne Cooper walked into an incredible family practice opportunity both for herself and the province’s Cervical Screening Initiatives Program.

Online Only  H E A L T H   A D M I N I S T R A T I O N
Wait times the top concern: Eastern Health survey

Submitted Article

In May, Eastern Health released the results of a telephone survey component of the North East Avalon Community Health Needs Assessment in which 1,032 respondents who were asked to share their opinions on the province’s health care system.

Online Only  H E A L T H   T E C H N O L O G Y
Quick access to evidence about what works to influence behavior, promote optimal therapy

Submitted Article

Through the Rx for Change Interventions Database, CADTH provides an invaluable bridge between evidence-based research and the real-world use of research to influence drug prescribing and use.

Online Only  D O C T O R S   I N   T H E   N E W S
Memorial medical alumna named to Top 40 under 40

Submitted Article

A professor of genetics in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University has discovered 45 genes involved in gaining weight. Dr. Guang Sun’s research was published in the Jan. 5 electronic version of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Online Only  H E A L T H   P R O M O T I O N
Kids Eat Smart celebrates nutrition month

Submitted Article

Kids Eat Smart Clubs in Newfoundland and Labrador celebrated Nutrition Month 2009 by participating in the 2nd annual Kids Eat Smart Apple Day on March 19. One hundred and fifteen Kids Eat Smart Clubs served apples that day.

Online Only  D O C T O R S   I N   T H E   N E W S
First awards under healthy aging program

Submitted Article

Seven grants and fellowships were recently awarded under the Healthy Aging Research Program, established by the provincial government and administered through the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Sciences.

Online Only  G E N E R A L   C O U N C I L
Your opinions can make it to Saskatoon even if you can’t

By CMA Staff

There are a variety of ways that physicians can take part in the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) General Council meeting this year without actually having to travel — and a lot of good reasons for doing so.

Online Only  c l i n i c a l   p r a c t i c e
Hepatitis C patients likely still contagious after treatment

Submitted Article

Patients with chronic hepatitis C that has been resolved through therapy or immune response may still be able to infect others with the virus. From a new study led by Dr. Thomas Michalak, Canada Research Chair in Viral Hepatitis/Immunology at MUN.

Online Only  E D U C A T I O N
Research reveals defects in standard body fat measure

Submitted Article

A new research paper from Memorial University genetics professor Dr. Guang Sun shows that body mass index (BMI) measurement is not accurate for over 30 per cent of men and women.

Online Only  D O C T O R S   I N   T H E   N E W S
Dr. James Rourke reappointed Dean of Medicine

Submitted Article

The review committee on the reappointment of Dr. James Rourke as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine has unanimously recommended that he be renewed for a second five-year term effective April 5, 2009.

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