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NLMA releases Strategic Plan to guide future direction of the Association

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The NLMA Board of Directors recently approved a new five-point Strategic Plan 2013-2018. The plan sets out five broad priorities that will set direction for the NLMA over the next five years.

By NLMA Staff

The NLMA Board of Directors recently approved a new five-point Strategic Plan 2013-2018. The plan sets out five broad priorities that will set direction for the NLMA over the next five years.

Much of the work was guided by the NLMA’s Governance Steering Committee, co-chaired by Drs. Pat O’Shea and Brendan Lewis. Other members include Drs. Eric Stone, Vicki Crosbie and Sandra Luscombe. Extensive consultations were also held to give members an opportunity to provide feedback on the plan, which included face-to-face meetings with NLMA leaders over the summer and again in the fall during the President’s Tour. “We’ve had a number of workshops with our Board of Directors and engagements with our membership, all designed to help us refine a roadmap of where we need to head as an organization. It’s really a broad template or a compass that will guide us in a general direction,” said NLMA President Dr. Tony Gabriel.

The five steams of strategic priorities outlined in the plan include: enduring public trust and confidence in the medical profession; meaningful physician leadership in health care planning, service delivery and policy development; adequate and sustainable health service resources to meet the medical needs of all residents; a culture of innovation and timely availability and best use of modern technology for doctors and patients; and, services and benefits that NLMA members value.

Each strategic priority contains a subset of goals that will be translated into specific measurable operational objectives. Also included in the document is the NLMA’s revised mission statement and values, which evolved from discussions during a Board retreat a year ago.

Dr. Gabriel explained that the ultimate goal of the strategic plan is to ensure that the NLMA stays relevant and thrives amid new economic realities and changing societal trends.

“We’ve done a lot of research and we know that public trust and confidence in the health care system is changing. Generally, people are concerned about quality, safety and whether the health care system will be able to provide the services they will need in the future,” said Dr. Gabriel.

“All of the priorities presented in our Strategic Plan are designed to help the profession preserve professional autonomy, maintain standards of excellence and enhance the public’s confidence in physicians,” he added.

The Strategic Plan 2013-2018 booklet was distributed to members with their print copies of Nexus. It was also mailed to members who subscribe to Nexus Online and is available to download on the NLMA website (PDF).

The release of the plan sets the stage for the introduction of the NLMA’s new governance model, which received endorsement in principle at the 2012 annual general meeting. As reported in the Summer issue of Nexus, the proposed governance model includes a shift to a smaller, “at-large” board of directors that is policy and strategy oriented, and driven by the interests of the entire profession.

It also includes an enhanced committee structure and the creation of several standing committees, councils and ad hoc committees designed to ensure that distinct groups have a meaningful voice within the Association. The finalized governance model will be presented to NLMA members during a province-wide special general meeting.

In preparation for the new governance structure, the NLMA began recruiting randomly selected members to participate in a series of focus groups to provide a more in-depth look at members’ needs and expectations; value of membership; member engagement; and, their preferred methods of communication with the Association.

Corporate Research Associates (CRA) was contracted to facilitate two face-to-face sessions with members in St. John’s, which were followed by a series of online sessions with members across the province. The NLMA will continue to seek members’ input over the coming months.



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NLMA releases Strategic Plan to guide future direction of the Association

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