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Honoraria Claim Form

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Instructions Use this form to claim honoraria for work under the Family Practice Renewal Committee (FPRC) of the the Family Practice Renewal Program (FPRP). This form is meant to be submitted electronically, remember to click the 'Submit' button below; do not print this page and submit via alternate means.



NLMA Number




Duration (Basic)
(Any time, Mon-Sun; include meeting/travel time; include prep time to 2 hours/day max; 8 hours/day max; HH:MM)
Duration (Premium)
(8AM-6PM, Mon-Fri; include meeting/travel time; include prep time to 2 hours/day max; 8 hours/day max; HH:MM)




Rate  $130/hour

Rate  $20/hour



Honoraria is only payable to an NLMA member in good standing as follows:

  • FPRC Meetings, FPRP Committees, Sub-Committees, Ad Hoc Committees As listed in the Honoraria Claim Form purpose drop-down list.
  • Other With approval by an FPRP representative.
  • Travel Time spent travelling (home/accommodation to home/accommodation) is eligible for honoraria.
  • Preparation Time Preparation time is eligible for honoraria.


  • CRA Ruling The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has ruled that honoraria is payable to an individual ONLY (versus a PMC, clinic, or hospital), with a corresponding T4 issued at year end. It is subject to Income Tax and CPP, but not EI deductions.
  • Deadline Claims must be submitted within six (6) weeks of eligibility to avoid rejection. No claim for a given year will be accepted past January 31 of the following year.
  • Payment Payment is by direct deposit ONLY; please use a separate Direct Deposit Application Form to start, cancel, or change direct deposit information.
  • Deviations Deviations from the above must be pre-approved where possible and supported by explanations in the Comments section.

Assistance For assistance, please contact J. David Mitchell, Director, Administration & Membership at (709) 726-7424 (301), (800) 563-2003 (301) or

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